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Art Walk is a one day event held the 2nd calendar Friday of each month. The event is free and open to the public with crowd expectations over 2,500. Vendors are allowed on the sidewalk, but may not block the pedestrian walk way and with the permission of businesses within the vicinity.

Commercial vendors are businesses distributing information, providing services or selling products for a fee. Electricity will not provided. Tents, tables and chairs are not provided.

Vendors must be family friendly. A $30* online payment (tax deductible donation to Norman Arts Council) must accompany the applications.

*Subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions:

Exactly who does this include?

All outside vendors who set up outdoors and are selling goods, unless they have already gone through the Solicitor’s/Peddler’s permit process with the City of Norman.

Does this apply to anyone who has a brick and mortar location or anyone who sets up inside a brick and mortar location? 

No. This only applies to those setting up outdoors. 

Where do I setup? 

Vendors must coordinate their own spot at 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk. This can be done by contacting businesses located in the Art Walk grounds and inquire about setting up shop in front of their location. Most shops, restaurants and offices have proven to be extremely amenable to this, unless they've previously promised that spot to someone else. 

And what about the food trucks?

Contact Lacy Jo Burgess-Cady with Visit Norman at Lacy@VisitNorman.com. She’ll coordinate a spot for you, when available, at our 2nd Friday Food Truck Park between Main & Gray on Peters. Spaces are limited, so inquire promptly. Once a spot is secured, food trucks will need to complete a vendor application with NAC and pay the $20 fee. Remember to have the proper permits with the City of Norman, as well.

Why do we have to do this?

The City of Norman requires the Norman Arts Council to have a special event permit for 2nd Fridays. As part of the permit, the Norman Arts Council is required to collect permit fees and sales tax numbers for all vendors and report that to the City of Norman.

How do I know if I'm accepted?

If you submit the vendor application and pay the $30 fee, you are accepted to be a vendor at 2nd Friday. 


Questions about vendor permits:

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