Norman Arts Council and Guestroom Records are teaming up to present Random Noise: Free, in-store performances happening each 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk!

Norman Arts Council and Guestroom Records (125 E. Main) are collaborating to bring you Flock of Pigs and Trash TV! It’ll start shortly after 7 p.m. and wrap up before 9 p.m.

February 2017

Calabar & Dråsa

February 2017

Sarah Reid

December 2016

Heartbreak Rodeo

November 2016

Student Film and The Damn Haze DJs

October 2016

Beach Language and Youthesize

September 2016

Michael Loveland and Laine

August 2016

Anvil Salute and DJ Fancy Lad

March 2016

CosmostanzaSlime Girls and PVLMS

February 2016

L.T.Z and Cooki Turner

January 2016

Costello & Michael Loveland

December 2015

Sarah Reid and Raechel Brown of Kaleidoscope Arts

November 2015

Bowlsey & Askanse

September 2015

Tonne & Sensitiv Southside Boy

August 2015

Fancy Lad, Lost & Found and more

July 2015

Poolboy & Holy Hills

June 2015

Calabar & sun riah

April 2015

 Sardashhh and Aw Cmon

March 2015

Kim & The Created and Community Pools

February 2015

SK Love and Limp Wizurdz

January 2015

Travis Linville and Chelsey Cope

December 2014

Lost Empires and Shishio

November 2014

Bored Wax and Plain Speak

October 2014

The Pizza Thieves